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Does Cancer Scare You?

  • What is cancer?
    Cancer is the result of an injury that didn't heal properly.

  • What is cancer?

    An injury began when there is a brake in the membrane wall of our body’s storage vessels or ducts such as lungs, colon, breast, prostate, lymphatic system, and vascular system and so on.

    An injury can be physical, visible to the eye, and accompanied by pain, swelling, bleeding.

    An injury can be internal, not visible.  In the colon an injury could be cramps, constipation, diarrhea, bleeding leaky guts.  In the lungs an injury could be, coughing, pain, difficulty breathing.  In the kidney an injury could be, frequent urination, swelling, incomplete urination.  In the breast an injury could be, lump, weeping, discomfort, loss of energy.

    As per Dr. Hulda Clarke in his book “A Cure for All Cancer” he says there is a parasite in every cancer case.  Parasites cause injury by eating at the membrane.

    As per Dr. Versendaal, he concluded that the cancer injury was caused by yeast infection, (there is many kind of fungal infection) and whatever organs were weaker would be affected. .

    As per Donna Roth in her book “Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury” another cause of injury is the H.  Pylori bacteria found in the stomach of humans causing ulcers and migraine, if not taken care of, turns to cancer.

    Injury to a membrane can also occur when a membrane becomes incompetent and break down due to a nutritional deficiency.
    Another cause of injury and probably the most common one is an  injury by toxins.  Toxic chemical found in our everyday use of different products.   Toxin found in laundry soap and personal soaps, the cream we put on our body and children’s body’s, the air freshener we spray in our house, the fume from cars and buses that we breathe in, especially if we live where there is lots of traffic, or near an airport. Toxin is also found in heavy metal, tooth filling, injections, place of work, electromagnetic found wherever there is electricity, near power generators, power lines, electrical outlets, microwaves appliances, computers, cell phones, and smart meters.
    As per Dr. Robert O. Becker and Gary Selden in their book, “The Body Electric” scientifically states that electromagnetic field Low Frequency Radiation is the most dangerous pollution known to mankind.  Something to think about with all our children and grandchildren going around 18 to 24 hours a day with cell phone to their ears, some even put their phone under their pillow to sleep.
    Emotional Stress and Trauma, that was never healed, is another injury that is a silent killer.

  • What is Inflammation?
    All diseases start by inflammation including cancer.  What happens during the inflammation process?  Toxins enter the blood stream through leaky gut, capillary wall openings dilate, toxins and blood plasma proteins escape, a swelling forms, the lymphatic’s dump toxins through the natural elimination channels, the swelling leads to inflammation when the lymphatic are overloaded by toxins.  We need to cleanse the blood and lymph, of all toxic debris to stop inflammation, and keep all elimination channel opened and cleared.

  • Infection

    Infection is also one of the steps leading to cancer.  Why does the injured area progress to infection?  The lymphatic’s become overloaded with debris, causing malfunction and inflammation. Essential nutrients and oxygen no longer reached the injured area.   Dr.  Otto Warburg wrote, if oxygen gets lower than 35% oxidation of healthy cells can no longer take place.  If there is enough sugar in the injured area, oxidation flips to fermentation.  This is the perfect terrain for microbes, bacteria, virus, yeast, parasites, and fungus become active and lead to infection. Fungal DNA integrates into the stem cells line during the process of cell replication causing mutated cells. We need to clean up all infections. 

    When the autonomic nervous system detects a break or an injury to any membrane anywhere in the body, it sends an electrical signal out to the adjacent cells of the injured membrane and tells the DNA of these cells to replicate, multiply and to repair.  When the injured membrane is repair the cells stop multiplying and the processes stops.  Exception, if there is nutritional deficiencies,  chemical toxins, heavy metal, fungal, parasites, viral infections or chronic inflammation, the processes doesn’t always stop, because the message doesn’t  get through, resulting in an out-of-control replication of cells.  When the new cells fail to connect with the old cells to repair the membrane injury, the result is cancer.

  • What is the Solution?

    Cancer is preventable and curable!   The body needs a good diet, Super foods and supplements to reverse cancer. There is also a need to cleanse and eliminate the wrong foods which are toxic to the body.   The Paw Paw Program which consist of diet, super food, and supplement.  Everything in the program is scientifically documented, and many people have won the battle against cancer doing this program.  There is also a maintenance program for people who had cancer.    After winning the battle, life style needs to change or you will get the same results.   An excellent book to read is “Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury” by Donna Roth, she been working with the program for ten years, in her book she is sharing her knowledge and many success story.  

    For more information on the program, send me an e-mail info@PaulineMartinHealth.com
    or healthkidzz@gmail.com or call 613.446.4434 or my cell: 613.851.8165.

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