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As a member under Natural Health Solution you will have access to all Nature's Sunshine products at a 20% discount.

You will have access to monthly product specials; you will be able to order on line directly from the company 24 hrs. a day and by phone during business hrs. Delivery is within 48hrs, customer satisfaction is guarantee.

Nature's Sunshine products
Nature's Sunshine guarantees its products to be free of contamination including heavy metals, lead, mercury, pesticides, and cadmium to name just a few. They utilize over 300 different analytical tests to assure its supplements are the highest quality. They are one of the few to have guarantee pure on their bottles and a DIN number, approve by health Canada.

You will also receive a monthly newsletter on different health subject. As a natural health consultant I will always be at your finger tip, by e-mail to answer your questions.

E-mail: info@paulinemartinhealth.com


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If you have any questions feel free to call me at 613.851.8165 or e-mail. I read my e-mail daily & reply within 24 hours.

Email me with your questions or comments.
I read my email everyday.
I will get back to you within 24 hours.
I can also be reached at 613.851.8165
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