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  • Digestive enzymes : as you get older, enzymes decline add to this poor dietary habits, you need more enzymes. Without enzymes, food would just sit in your gut and slowly rot. This is the cause of many diseases.
  • Super Trio : (for adults) each individual packet contains, Super Supplemental Vitamins and Minerals (iron free), Super Omega-3, Super antioxidant. The ultimate in convenience and the ultimate in nutritional insurance for optimum health!
  • Vitamin D3 (adults & children) : Vitamin D performs a host of crucial roles. It is necessary calcium absorption and utilization. Promotes normal cell division and growth. It is also involved in immune function, insulin secretion, blood clotting, and blood pressure control. It is known for its effects on the bones. This vitamin inhibits cell proliferation, the out-of-control growth that marks cancer and suppresses the growth of new blood vessels that nourish tumors.
  • Bifidophilus flora (adult and children) : An overall intestinal health formula, safe to take every day for both adults & children. Promotes proper digestion and elimination. Improves immune system function. Helps maintain vaginal and urinary tract health etc.
  • Liquid HRPC : The must have product to have on hand for the whole family. Stimulates the immune system, fights chronic & viral infection, protects the liver from common organic poisons, purifies the blood and eliminates toxins, assists in lowering fever, effective at treating herpes, and much more. Note: These products are available at mynsp.ca/ Pauline and click on product

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